Chapters: Original Poetry

Chapters: Original Poetry

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  • Book Size: 4.25 x 7
  • # of Pages: 35
  • 10pt Coated Silk Laminate Cover  
  • Printed on 80# white offset paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Man I’m like one of the biggest fans nokapp I be in sis DM harassing her for a new BOOK like she a rapper an I need a new Hit 💯. That book touched me in a lot of ways . An I still read it over and over again !

Amerie Jackson

Enjoyed everything about “Chapters.” To the point where I want/NEED more “Chapters.”
For this book to be my first poetry purchase, Ms.Ceaser set the bar high as hell for whosever coming next. I was so into it I read it by myself + acted it out, listened to the audio, acted it out with the audio. I can’t stop talking about it with my family/friends. I LOVE how I felt everything that I was reading, and I LOVE how she replies back and shows love to her supporters. 💙💙

Robert J.
Flownomenal 🐐

An extremely powerful selection from a young beautiful soul. Her individuality and skillfully written thoughts tell a story that's wholly absorbing. I truly take this collection with me EVERYWHERE!!! For the simple fact that sometimes I reflect and ask myself "who raised these niggas? ", then I'll refer to Chapters for a refresher.
Chapters surpassed my high expectations and was entertaining, powerful and shows the multifaceted perspectives from Ceaser. I love the collection of original poetry, to sum it all up I'd say this was a thoroughly accomplished debut that has me waiting on the next.

Raymond e.
Chapters 🔥🔥🔥

I felt like one or two of does chapters could of been about me.... Hands down one of the best books of poetry I read in along time... Waiting patiently on the new work

Ebony Brady
Chapters is bomb

This poetry book is so good I can feel everything that Caesar is saying I love her vibe and her style she tells it like it is and always keeps it 💯!!! Please everyone everywhere need this book it’s fire 🔥!!!!