Chapters: Original Poetry

Chapters: Original Poetry

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  • Book Size: 4.25 x 7
  • # of Pages: 35
  • 10pt Coated Silk Laminate Cover  
  • Printed on 80# white offset paper

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Gia Davis
Love It!!!!

Beautiful, raw, and completely relatable poetry. I loved every bit of it. Sometimes I found myself grinning as I read. Sometimes I was nodding along like "facts." I really felt a lot of what was said/written.

Marshun Robinson

Amazing art displayed to perfection! I felt every emotion, envisioned every setting and became one with the author, only true artists can can get that kind of organic engagement from their audience! Great pieces! Amazing work!


Man I’m like one of the biggest fans nokapp I be in sis DM harassing her for a new BOOK like she a rapper an I need a new Hit 💯. That book touched me in a lot of ways . An I still read it over and over again !

Amerie Jackson

Enjoyed everything about “Chapters.” To the point where I want/NEED more “Chapters.”
For this book to be my first poetry purchase, Ms.Ceaser set the bar high as hell for whosever coming next. I was so into it I read it by myself + acted it out, listened to the audio, acted it out with the audio. I can’t stop talking about it with my family/friends. I LOVE how I felt everything that I was reading, and I LOVE how she replies back and shows love to her supporters. 💙💙

Robert J.
Flownomenal 🐐

An extremely powerful selection from a young beautiful soul. Her individuality and skillfully written thoughts tell a story that's wholly absorbing. I truly take this collection with me EVERYWHERE!!! For the simple fact that sometimes I reflect and ask myself "who raised these niggas? ", then I'll refer to Chapters for a refresher.
Chapters surpassed my high expectations and was entertaining, powerful and shows the multifaceted perspectives from Ceaser. I love the collection of original poetry, to sum it all up I'd say this was a thoroughly accomplished debut that has me waiting on the next.