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Chapters Audio

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 Audio Description:

  • Duration: 27:05  
  • Prod. by: Icon
  • Recording Studio: City Dump Records 
  • Narrated by: Ceaser

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Darrell Johnson
The Mental Orgasm

From the Intellectual display of words to the erotic sounds of the PenPusher’s voice this is by far my favorite audio book till date!!! From her rugged version of class, With a twist of sass and explicitness, That only a queen can present and represent in that manor, this is not only a delightful experience but literally a mental orgasm!! I’m impatiently waiting for round two of this thriller from this poetic goddess!! If you haven’t got it already, Not only are you missing out but you’re also misinformed, because her perspective of today’s reality has a harsh and rigid truth that will help you get a clear understanding of our culture!!

Need the next book, ASAP!

Damn, this had me wondering why I didn't get it when it first dropped. Had to call the fire department cause this had my beats on fire!! 27 minutes of pure raw, and realness.

Tommy Williams

My old friend from PBHS 🤗🤗 I always told her she had it....This body of work was better than I could even imagine; I’m excited for more to come...shoot for the stars baby girl 💯💯💯